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Swing Time in the Hammock

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Setting aside time to relax in a hammock can be a nice way to relax after a hectic day at work. If the boss has been mad at you or you're facing a relentless deadline on a major project, there ...

Storage Boxes

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It is very common to ignore and neglect the very things that have brought about a revolution in the world. One such thing that has changed the lives and let people lead a better lives; is the Storage ...

Shower Curtain

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Shower window curtains allow lighting to come into the inside stall or tub area for greater visibility and privacy while taking an enjoyable shower or bath. These curtains are water and mildew ...

Water Purifiers

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Health and safety are the primary considerations for water purification.When choosing the right water purification system for your home, keep in mind that any water purifier is better than none at ...

First Aid Box

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Any emergency can be handled easily with adequate preparation, including a medical one. A well stocked first aid kit, kept within easy reach is a must for every home. Preparing and maintaining a ...

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CulinaryXpress This blog is a diary of my adventure in cooking, which is fairly quick and simple to follow and make. I write about simple everyday meal, menu for casual entertainment, e ...
Flight of a little bird The vastness, varied culture, geography and history of INDIA has always intrigued Shailza. There are many hidden treasures all around waiting to be found and written abou ...
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